Product Description


The transmitter is also a stand alone 1 in 1 out IR remote repeater for controlling local nearby devices. Out port can accept our IR23CG 3 eye emitter.
The receiver unit has -3- IR OUT ports that accommodates up to -3- triple eye emitters making it a total of -9- emitters.
Power supply has detachable USB power cable. Perfect when no power outlets are available, or the cable box is placed behind the TV. USB power reduces IR transmission to 165ft
Suitable for home theater, AV rooms, conference rooms, churches, and more. Infrared Resources® IRP-X5 includes a dual emitter to operate -2- devices.
Excellent IR receiving range. IR Filtering Technology effectively blocks out external noise. Infrared Interference (IRI) Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Electro-Static Interference (ESI) and Plasma TV and eliminate Sunlight etc. Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) Plasma TV, Sunlight.

Kit Includes:
IR Sensor with 9ft lead x1 2 eye IR Emitter x1 Power Supply IR-P x1 with detachable USB power cable 

Note: If you need to extend the length of the IR Receiver or IR Emitter you may use our IR8339-25 25ft IR Receiver and Emitter extension cable. The operating distance might be shorter (25ft) when using with a 56kHz device and remote.

Works With:
All brands of A/V device’s and remote controls(30-60kHz). Including ATT-Uverse, Scientific Atlanta Explorer STB’s, and name brand A/V Receivers.

• Confirmation LED to show the unit is powered up

• Extendable over CAT5E/6 up to 700ft
• Transmitter has dual power options, AC or USB (transmission distance reduces to 165ft)
• Transmitter has a IR Emitter output that accommodates a single, dual, triple or IR blaster
• POE, Power Over Ethernet to the receiver dongle

• No need for additional power supply
Note: Some boxes like ATT-Uverse and Direct TV work best with our IR5521M IR Blaster

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