Product Description

The IRP-EC is opaque to block out outside noise and interference (signals). It also helps concentrate the IR signal for the emitter to the device front IR sensor

Note: Clean surface area with mild soap and dry before attaching the cover onto the area.

The IRP-EC is works with Infrared Resources emitters and others.  

  • Effectively blocks stray IR signals and noise.
  • Easy to mount and keeps the emitters from falling off.
  • Extra strong 3M adhesive for maximum securement
  • Also fits Sonance, Calrad, NextGen, Global Caché, Sewell, TNP, Betige, and other similar Infrared Emitters
  • Emitter size should be 1/2 x3/8×1/4 in tall or less

Will not work with:
They will not work with any other IR emitter unless it is smaller then ours.

Instructions for use:
Clean the mounting area with mild soap and dry. Locate the IR sensor on the front panel under the bezel. Separate the easy peel away from the Emitter adhesive tape
Place the Emitter Eye directly over the devices IR sensor on the front panel
( Front IR sensor can be located using a flashlight. Look for a small square shaped item. Or, you can look up your user manual online. The front panel page will show the location)
Next seperate the easy peel from the Emitter cover and then place directly over the IR emitter