Product Description

Now you have the solution to extend distance by 12ft or daisy -2- together to make 24ft. Will work with all 3.5mm stereo or mono connection.
We use CL3 Fire Retardant material that allows for in-wall install! 
Beware of those selling for a few bucks!. There is a difference!!!!
Note: This will work with both stereo and mono connection applications. 

Works With:
For use with our 9ft. Ir Receiver cable, IRP Repeater kits, and Emitters.
Works perfect with Dr. Dre Beats, BOSE and other headsets.

• For all stereo and mono connections including IR receivers and emitters
• Extend the Smart TV IR blaster used with Samsung, LG, and Google TV
• Works with Ir Resources 9ft Ir Receiver, IRP Repeater kits, and emitters
• Excellent to use with Dr. Dre Beats and BOSE headsets, and others
• RoHS Compliant Made with CL3 rated material for unwell install!

Instructions for use:
Plug any 3.5mm Stereo or Mono plug into the 3.5mm Stereo Jack (female end on the extender cable)