Product Description

The IR Blaster lead is 7ft long from the 3.5mm mono jack. This allows ample length from the component to the device. We do offer our IR9339-12 (12ft extension) and IR9339-25 (25ft Extension) when additional length is needed.
Note: This is a single IR blaster. The picture shows a top and side view. It is not a dual blaster.

Works With:
Any Smart TV, IR OUT(check the TV if it has a 3.5 jack to plug into before buying),All IR OUT ports on connecting blocks,and other Ir extenders.Sony STR-DA5800ES 9.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver with Automation. Replaces Panasonic IR Blaster (SH-WR10), 2010 and 2011 model
SC-HTB10, SC-HTB500, SC-HTB520 Soundbars

Will not work with:
Cable boxes


• Excellent solution for everyone from the Home Enthusiast to the Professional Installer
• 3.5mm Plug.7 ft lead. 45 degree Diode enhances product performance
• Works with 2010-11 model SC-HTB10, SC-HTB500,SC-HTB520 sound bars
• Works with Tivo, G-Link Cable, *Slingbox*, Itach Flex, IR Repeaters etc.
• *Slingbox and Hauppauge tuner card requires our 2.5mm stereo adapter model IR8334S

Instructions for use:
Place blaster so the 45 degree angled blaster diode is facing toward the TV’s IR sensor located on the front of the TV. Point the remote at the sound bar and use the remote. The sound bar IR picks up IR signals and sends it to the device, which repeats and emits the IR signal out of the bulb to the TV IR (or whatever device IR you have it pointed at).